Industrial Safety Guards and Safety Cages

The flexibility and strength of the MiniTec modular aluminium profile system makes it a perfect solution for creating bespoke industrial safety guards and safety cages.

Working to your designs, or working with your designers, we can combine our aluminium profile to fit your exact specification, with bespoke elements that suit your industrial environment. In fact, MiniTec modular aluminium profile can be found through factories around the world especially for industrial safety guards.

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And, although MiniTec is perfect for industrial applications, such as machine safety guards, our aluminium profile is perfect for fast, cost-effective deployment in a range of sectors that require safety guards, safety cages, or other protective environments.

If you would like to find out if MiniTec is the right product for safety guards in your business and discuss what options are available with the complete range in our aluminium profiling system, why not contact us now to discuss your requirement?

  • industrial safety room
  • outdoor safety cabin

Industrial Safety Guard Crash Test

In any manufacturing environment, safety is essential. MiniTec Industrial Safety Guards are robust enough for most environments. See below a video of a ‘crash test’ to demonstrate the strength of a MiniTec Safety Guard.

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