MiniTec Aluminium Profile System

Minitec PowerlockThe MiniTec Aluminium Profile System has been proved in thousands of applications in virtually all industries within safety-guarding, testing and inspection services to workbenches, machine-frames, 1-axis- and multi-axis- linear- systems to complex automatic production-lines. Take advantage from our experience.

Benefit from the outstanding features of the MiniTec Profile-System:

  • Minimum engineering due to compatible standard-elements and our unique CAD-Software with proven standard-solutions.
  • Minimum assembly time due to our patented Powerlock fastener: no process other than sawing and threading. The only tool needed to set-up or dismantle is an Allen Key.
  • Minimum cost due to reusable standard-elements
  • Pressed air-piping in all profiles

minitec connection piecesSupply Methods

  • Each method of supply available has a varying impact on cost, lead-time & delivery charges. All components supplied in Packing Unit as identified in the Price list.
  • This form of supply allows you 15% discount against prices shown.
  • Supplied as individual lengths, machined and ready for assembly.
  • Process charges as shown in price list.
  • Where no packing unit is shown the units are supplied as individual units.

The MiniTec Aluminium Profile system has thousands of components, which allows us complete flexibility when design an end-product for our customers.
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You can download the MiniTec Component Catalogues here.

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