MiniTec UK System Installation

minitec-factoryAlthough the majority of our manufacturing work is completed in our modern factory in the South of England, we travel across the UK and Europe for the initial design and final installation of a more complex project. We have also installed projects in the Far East, Middle East and South America so we are well placed to deliver your end solution.

On-Site Surveying

To provide the ideal solution, larger projects often require our design engineers to visit customer sites and assess the proposed location of the end solution. Bearing in mind some of our safety cages, workstations and conveyor systems can be extensive in size (several have exceeded 100metres in length) we need to ensure the suitability of the working environment paying particular attention to existing restrictions, proposed workflow and operator interaction.

As versatile as the MiniTec modular system is, we also need to understand any access or restriction issues that we can factor into the design process. It may mean that we can part assemble in the factory, or split larger sections down for easy transportation and installation to save cost and reduce overall project timescales..

System Installation

minitec installationAlthough the MiniTec aluminium profile system is a relatively simple solution to assemble, we also offer an installation service. Many customers opt for us to build their systems to reduce downtown to their business and to utilise the experience of our engineers in the assembly process.

We have installed systems as far away as China and regularly travel around the UK installing and testing our successful modular systems.

So, if you are looking for a real end-to-end solution – from design through to assembly, testing and site installation, why not contact us today.

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