WF 3000 Spiral Conveyor

With the need to optimise floor space in production facilities, products often have to be conveyed not just over long distances but also up and down to cater for different line heights.  An elegant and functional solution for this requirement is the WF spiral conveyor from MiniTec.

The WF spiral conveyor provides a lift height of up to three metres without restriction; if greater distances need to be covered, this is possible up to five metres at a reduced speed.

As well as a lift height of up to three metres, the WF series also serves as a storage and production buffer for conveyed items – all within a very small base area of around three square metres. With a conveying distance of up to 50 metres, the WF 3000 spiral conveyor transports and elevates a constant flow of materials even under full load conditions.

Application Examples

Spiral conveyor parts storage test facility
Spiral conveyor WF 3000
Spiral conveyor

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