WF 3000 Spiral Conveyor

In addition to long distances, height differences must often also be overcome in industry. This is the case, in particular, when the space available in production halls must be used optimally. If conveyor sections run over several levels, the MiniTec WF series spiral conveyor is an elegant and useful component. With the MiniTec WF spiral conveyor, conveyor height differences of up to three metres can be levelled out without restrictions; if even larger distances have to be bridged, this is possible with reduced speed up to a height of five metres.

The WF series can also be used as a buffer for the conveyed items: On an extremely small floor space of around only three square metres, it offers a total conveyor length of up to 50 metres at three metre height. The spiral conveyor therefore allows steady, constant material flow even at full production capacity utilisation.

Application Examples

Spiral conveyor parts storage test facility
Spiral conveyor WF 3000
Spiral conveyor

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