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Components and Solutions

A flexible aluminium profile system for industry

The power of the MiniTec solution is its simplicity.

Our range of flexible aluminium profiles, products and accessories combine to create an array of bespoke solutions for industry.

With a dedicated design team in the UK, along with a global network of partners creating a huge library of bespoke products, we have access to ideas and solutions that can improve your industrial processes.

From warehousing to conveyor systems, safety guards to lean manufacturing, we help organisations develop products that help them improve efficiency.

And, with the unique Powerlock® fastening method, which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools, we can simplify design for rapid assembly and re-usability.

Latest Case Studies

Vacuum Chamber Housing

This modified, bespoke frame with tapped upper profiles is the perfect fit for the mounting plates on our client’s vacuum chamber. The lateral stiffness of the frame has been significantly increased by using 45mm x 90mm profiles with four fixings on [...]

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