We very often travel across the UK and Europe for the initial design and final installation of the more complex projects.


Although many of the solutions we build ship to our customers pre-assembled, we very often need to travel to a customer site to ensure a comprehensive delivery and installation plan.

Solutions such as safety guards or conveyors are very often long and bulky products when completely installed, so to ascertain the logistics of shipping, installation (including how to get the products into place in the end location) takes careful planning.

We work with you on production schedules and downtime to ensure minimum disruption to your workflow.


The beauty of MiniTec is its simplicity, especially when it comes to construction. For larger solutions, we can plan pre-built sections, constructed in our factory, to ensure a faster installation at your premises.

Our team have worked across Europe and the Middle East, to ensure solutions are delivered and installed as designed by our engineers.

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