MiniTec UK provides businesses with bespoke industrial solutions using the MiniTec aluminium profile solution, complementing facilities around the world.

Below you will find various reference documents based around the products and solutions we supply to industry. Simply click on the links to read more.

Polycarbonate V Acrylic

Sheet grade polycarbonate (aka Lexan or Makrolon) and acrylic sheet (aka Lucite) are two of the most frequently used see-through plastics. Here are some key differences.

How To Clean Polycarbonate Sheets

The UV-resistant surface treatment on one side of the polycarbonate sheet significantly improves long-term weatherability, so periodic cleaning using proper procedures and compatible cleaners is recommended to prolong the service life.

An Overview Of Trespa

Trespa is a flat-panel based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Used for many of our applications.

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