Pallet Transport Systems

Pallet transport systems are used whenever (manual or automatic) machining, marking or testing of components takes place at defined stations. They also combine conveyor technology and workplace, and are used to set up assembly and machining lines for assemblies. Which system is the optimum solution for the respective use depends on different factors such as the weight of the goods to be transported, the space available, etc.

RMS roller conveyor system
The versatile solution for heavy components

RMS is a workpiece carrier transfer system based on heavy-duty accumulator rollers, which ensure free circulation for assembly, testing and machining tasks. It is possible to accumulate and buffer the workpiece carriers, manual workplaces can also be easily integrated into the conveying section. The carrier pallets have a standard width of 400 or 500 millimetres and are designed for a maximum load of 500 kilograms. The system ensures smooth material flow and is typically used in production lines, assembly technology and factory automation. The RMS roller conveyor system is used, among other things, in the production of vehicle components such as car seats or drive trains, the production of large household appliances as well as the conveyor infrastructure of a warehouse logistics system.

FMS flexible mounting system
Modular structure for a variety of system concepts

The FMS is a flexible assembly system with component carriers that are transported on accumulation roller chains, special belts or chains. Standardised modules for exact positioning, lifting or rotating enable complete assembly lines to be implemented very quickly.

Numerous installations at well-known automotive suppliers have been proving the reliability and cost-effectiveness of this transport system for years. The patented deflection technology reduces the control effort for the entire system to a minimum.

TSG transfer system
The economical solution for light transport goods

The TSG transfer system is an economical solution for low unit weights. It consists of standardised modules that can be combined as desired to create tailor-made systems. Robust toothed belts ensure low-maintenance and safe handling, and ensures continuous use without the need for re-tensioning. We supply you with turnkey systems including planning and commissioning. Manual stations as well as complex, automated processes can be implemented with the TSG.

UMS pallet circulation system
Conveying in the smallest space

The UMS pallet circulation system is a very cost-effective solution with minimum space requirement for linking machine tools, workstations, handling equipment or robot feeders.

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UMS pallet circulation system
UMS pallet circulation

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