UMS Pallet Circulation System

The MiniTec UMS series is based on a double-track roller chain conveyor for recirculating empty pallets underneath the conveying level. At the end of the conveying line, the off-loaded pallets are turned vertically by an interlocking gripper, with return transportation hanging beneath the conveyor. Thus, pallet accumulation is possible on the conveying level as well as on the return of the off-loaded workpiece carriers. The system can also be used as an overhead suspension track, returning empty pallets at the top level.

The characteristic feature of the UMS series is the non-stop recirculating chain design which serves as both carrier and drive-unit for the system. Control of the UMS is very simple with no extensive programming for redirections or incoming and outgoing parts necessary.

The UMS pallet circulation system is designed for pallets with a width of 400 to 600 millimetres and a length of 100 to 300 mm in the conveying direction. The maximum installation length is 20 metres and the maximum load capacity is 100 kg per pallet. The allowable load of the complete unit is 1,200 kilograms with a conveying speed of 6 metres per minute or 800 kilograms at 12 metres per minute.

Application Examples

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UMS pallet circulation system
UMS pallet circulation

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