This project was designed and built for a global technology leader. These “run-in” trolleys are used for the final inspection and testing of Industry Laptops.

Each drawer is loaded with a Laptop which is connected to the USB hub. The trolley is then pushed into a climate chamber with elevated temperature where the Laptops will be continuously rebooted for 39 hours.

Custom Built Workplace Trollies

Specification for the Roller Conveyor:


  • Conductive wheels – 2 x swivel, 2 x fixed
  • 20 drawers with telescopic guide and compliance
  • Two profiles at the bottom of the frame to attach a USB hub
  • Drawers consist of:
    – Drawer sheet with edge protection
    – Telescopic guide that allows 550 mm total length
    – Drag chain fixed to the frame

trays-open-side trays-open-front
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