Jack is an aspiring engineer.  He joined Minitec through an agency to work in our busy packing section, but Jack already has designs for his future.

Frustrated at having to call for help when packing the larger lengths of Minitec, Jack used his initiative to design and build his own helping hand.  We were delighted to see Jack use the materials all around him to create his own bespoke height-adjustable support table.  He made himself more productive which is appreciated by everyone from the MD to the assembly Team.

Jack makes his own bespoke height-adjustable support table

Small Custom Minitec DesignMinitec Precision Cutting

Gary Livingstone (MD) said “It’s great that the team feel empowered to do these things under their own initiative.  We continually strive to develop a team that will think for themselves, use their initiative and find solutions that contribute to the future of the individual and company.  We like to think we can build anything with Minitec, and we are delighted to have people like Jack to help us do it.”.

Jack is progressing at a good pace from the packing section through to the precision cutting role, with designs on his next move into the Minitec assembly division.

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