This custom-built workstation is designed as a welding station for a large car manufacturer. Exhaust pipes are examined for leaks using compressed air for welding in situ. The workstation has a pneumatic clamp with replaceable holdings that also rotates.

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 System Features

  • Workstation is set on four swivel castors, with brakes.
  • Electrically powered telescopic height adjustment.
  • Custom tool holder (for holding welding wires and gun).
  • Built in workstation lighting.
  • Built in electrical socket, complete with ground terminals.
  • Storage console (usable depth = 500mm).
  • Pneumatic manifold 3-fold.
  • Shelves for tester and printer.
  • 2-hand control panel with two-hand control block.
  • Dimensions: 2000mm x 900mm x 2440mm (+200mm).
  • Working height: 850mm (+200mm).
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