1502-trolleyThis bespoke mounting table was designed and built for a manufacturer of unique enclosures that house data network and telecommunications systems as used by large scale industry.

We spent time consulting with the customer to fully understand the cabinet assembly and logistics, which included the versatility to ensure that some standard products can be delivered within 24 hours of starting production.


  • The mounting table has a with a max. load of 400 kg.
  • The complete unit is made largely of MiniTec-standard parts with a custom-made steel base frame, powder coated, for direct assembly of mounting plates into switch cabinets.
  • Two electric, height adjustable lifting columns with a maximum stroke of 400mm.
  • Two swivel motors to adjust the angle of inclination of the workspace (swiveling range of 90°).
  • Max. plate height: 1200 mm x 1900 mm.
  • Control of the lifting columns and swivel motors via a logic control.
  • Insertion of the mounting plates into the cabinet via a roller rail, on which the plate is mounted. During the installation process, the plate is fixed in position on two vertical clamps.
  • The entire frame is mounted on casters with clamps so that it can be moved freely.
  • The base is geometrically arranged so that the mounting table can be stored in a space-saving way.

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