We have recently partnered with AGD Systems to automate their assembly process of traffic light button casings and indicators for pedestrian crossings, used throughout the world.

The introduction of automation will ensure the accurate positioning of castings on their product, and by leveraging cutting-edge technology, we utilised the Techman Robot TM12S collaborative robot to automate the precise placement of screens on casings. This will ensure an even distribution of silicone to create a secure, waterproof seal.

Key to this innovative solution was the integration of our 45F profiles with their proprietary Powerlocks, creating a robust workstation tailored to accommodate the TM12S cobot and OnRobot grippers. The VGP20 gripper, equipped with dual quick changer allowing for even silicone dispersion, played a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

To ensure seamless adoption and optimal operation of the TM12S cobot, we also arranged two days of comprehensive user training. This will empower the AGD Systems’ team with the necessary skills to efficiently operate the cobot, maximising productivity and maintaining high-quality standards for this project and future projects within the business.

The decision to utilise the TM12S cobot was driven by its advanced AI capabilities and built-in camera, perfectly aligning with the project’s requirements for precision and reliability. The cobots 1300 mm reach and 12 KG payload also ensures future-proofing for deployment across larger projects later in the year.

AGD Systems Ltd, a leading manufacturer of intelligent traffic systems (ITS), specialises in creating seamless, globally compatible solutions for safer and more sustainable urban environments. Their contributions to Smart Cities, Smart Highways, and strategic transport initiatives underscore their commitment to driving innovation across the transportation sector.

Commenting on the project, Gary said, “Partnering with AGD Systems has been an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate how automation can streamline and enhance manufacturing processes. By integrating the TM12S cobot into their assembly line, we’ve not only improved efficiency but also ensured consistent quality and reliability in their products.”

This collaboration between MiniTec UK and AGD Systems represents a significant advancement in assembly automation, demonstrating how technology can optimise production processes and contribute to safer urban infrastructures worldwide.

AGD Systems

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