Belt & Roller Chain Systems

Belt conveyors are often at the heart of factory automation.  They link machining and processing stations and can act as buffers for controlling the flow of materials, improving material transport times.

Conveyor belts are a relatively simple and cost-effect transport solution and tend to be suitable for lightweight products and workpieces. In addition to simple belt conveyors, there are also angled conveyors, with which – as the name says – the transport section is angled (kinked) once or twice to overcome rises (also called “ascending conveyors”).

Another variant, which is also used in combination with angled conveyors, are cleated belt conveyors. In these the transport lane is divided into multiple segments by cleats or webs.

Transport belts are often at the centre of factory automation. They link together machine or machining stations or function as a buffer for controlling the material flow. Conveyor belts therefore reduce unproductive transport times and ensure smooth and reliable material flow.

The TSG workpiece carrier transfer system combines the advantages of rapid assembly and effortless integration into existing systems thanks to precisely aligned components and simple handling.

Application Examples

Flexible mounting system FMS
Belt conveyor TSG
Belt conveyor TSG 400
Belt conveyor

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