With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 changing the way we interact as a society with social distancing, we rapidly deployed a screen system that can be implemented in a wide range of organisations that deal with the general public.

Our protective screens are designed for desks and counters to ensure the safety of staff who are on the front line of helping people with tasks, as well as instilling confidence of customers who visit your premises.

Constructed from aluminium profile and clear polycarbonate plexiglass, the protection screens are an ideal solution for hygiene and safety. They are easy to clean and maintain and offer a robust solution to the issues associated with social distancing and airborne viruses.

Flexible Dimensions

The standard protective screen panel is designed to sit or mount to an existing worksurface, is 1 metre high and 1.5 metres wide and can be extended with multiple panels to extend the overall face. There is also an additional shorter corner panel for extra protection. The lower section of the screen unit has a 20cm recess for passing through items between people.

Because of the flexibility of MiniTec, we can also adapt the solution to bespoke sizes if you have a specific requirement including:

  • Reception desks
  • Shop counters
  • Till checkouts
  • Security desks and checkpoints

Product Photos

reception desk protective screens basingstoke
lamb brooks protective screens basingstoke
covid screen in the UK for vistra
hygienic desk protective screen
COVID-19 screen for desks and counters

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