New Kanban Monitoring System for Werma

WERMA are manufacturers of process optimisation systems and have recently launched a new product called StockSAVER.

MiniTec Kanban SystemThe system is an ingenious retrofit solution to enable stock movements on FIFO flow racks to be monitored with movements being reported back to a software package wirelessly which then launches replenishment orders automatically – a Kanban system but without cards.

A purpose built flow rack system was designed by MiniTec with input from the customer and a full-size demonstrator built which WERMA use to demonstrate the system to prospective clients.

The flow rack has been designed to demonstrate how the system can monitor different sizes of bins used in an operation. Sensors are fitted to the rails of each shelf to detect the movement in or out of a shelf, which is then transmitted wirelessly to a software package obviating the need for a Kanban card system and milk-round.

The StockSAVER system eliminates the need for excessive line-side stock holding and stock-outs become an item of the past.

Our racking solutions are also perfect for this type of application because of their relative mobility and re-usability. Should an operation need to move the racking to another location or modify the layout the modular nature of the product means it can be disassembled and reconfigured easily and without any waste of the components already purchased.

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