One-piece-flow Assembly

Due to the evolving nature of manufacturing, there is increasing demand for ever smaller batch sizes and businesses need to be able to respond to this flexibly and cost-effectively. To meet such requirements, we have designed assembly and test lines for one-piece-flow manufacture with numerous product variants.

Lean and Industry 4.0 compliant

The modular aluminium profile-based manufacturing line concept is designed to meet the testing challenges facing manufacturers. Electronic interfaces will link the system to the operator’s ERP systems and ensure that the correct documentation, work instructions etc., are available for each order being produced on the line.

The flow-line manufacturing concept is an essential part of reducing waste on the line and neatly fits in with the Industry 4.0 push towards automation of hitherto manually processed activities.

Before the job starts the operator scans the order in and his screen will pull up which item is to be produced and details the variants required. MiniTec’s software controls the line and adjustments to the assembly process can be made with minimal software modification. By deploying new generation wireless power tools, torque settings and speed can be adjusted according to the requirement of the job in hand.

Application Examples

Flow Assembly Line
One Piece Flow Assembly
One Piece Flow Assembly

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