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Due to its significant impact on lean manufacturing processes – workstations are considered the most flexible means of improving production in assembly line. Time and again it must adapt to changing assembly tasks and processes, while giving consideration to human qualities and abilities.

Ergonomic design promotes employee health, performance, endurance, concentration and, ultimately, motivation.  This goes hand in hand with the just-in-time supply of materials, considering feed-in and feed-out, positioning of the workpieces, tools, media (for example compressed air), adequate lighting and energy supply.

The use of curved profiles in the design of our CurveTec workstations creates extremely ergonomic workplaces. The workstations can be adapted precisely to the technicians’ physical environment, thus avoiding excessive reach distances that can have a negative effect on health.

The assembly technician sits or stands ‘in the workstation’ central to all stations that need to be reached. Even the automatic height adjustment of the CurveTec workstations to the respective employee’s body measurements using RFID chips is easy to implement according to requirements.

The optimum addition to the CurveTec workstations is the new Lifter 1000 that elevates loads of up to 200 kg in a range from 95 to 1000 mm. The workplaces can also be equipped with electronic assembly support (EAS).

Application Examples

CurveTec work station with Scan2Light system and operator guidance
Kanban System
CurveTec ESD workplace
Workplace systems

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