Training Module For Manufacturer

This customer has its own modular solutions to automation systems that include gearmotors, frequency inverters, servo drive systems and de-centralised drive systems. Their solutions are found across the world in a wide range of industrial applications.

This bespoke training station is designed for apprentices to learn specific aspects of the manufacturing process in a safe and confined environment.

Specification for the Training Station:

  • Dimensions: 2000 x 1150 x 800 mm
  • Motor of the toothed belt axis is fixed to a brace of 90 x 90 L profile. The brace is secured by adjustable connecting plates.
  • The toothed belt can be connected to the slide by inserting a tensioning plate. Without the tensioning plate, the toothed belt runs free.
  • Rear area for enclosed control cabinet.
  • Aluminum panels are fixed via multi-blocks and flat head screws.
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