This global company produces a wide range of well-known skincare brands and needed a bespoke workstation design for part of the manufacturing process, with specific integrations to suit their own requirements.

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The workstations were designed, built and delivered with the following features:

  • Swiveling monitor support
  • Cupholder
  • Schuko plug/socket-combinations built in
  • Multiple socket outlet with on/off-switch
  • Central light 180 W in aluminium silver with parabolic grid
  • Electric height adjustment with manual switch
  • Scanner holder with swivel joint

The electric height adjustment feature offers flexibility for the workforce using the workstation:

  • Lifting / tractive force 800 N per post
  • Stroke 530 mm
  • Dimension 400 mm
  • Max. bending moment 200 Nm
  • Lifting speed 45 mm per second
  • Manual switch with display and memory function (programmable for four positions)
  • Duty cycle 10 %

The holders for scanner, printer, personal computer etc. can be mounted individually.

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