Here at MiniTec we encourage our staff to demonstrate initiative and reward them with progression wherever possible.

So, when it comes to to placing staff in key roles, who better than someone who is already developing an understanding of our processes and values?  That’s why we were delighted to offer Jack the opportunity to expand his role into project management.

Once our designers have prepared a job, the workflow manager needs to know that he has all the parts and resources available to hit the deadlines. That’s where Jack comes in, checking availability of parts and pulling the individual elements together to help the workflow manager keep each job on track.

Staff DevelopmentMD Gary Livingstone said: “MiniTec has so many applications and it is vital that our staff develop flexible skills to adapt to the requirements of each new project.  Jack continues to demonstrate an understanding of our processes and we are delighted that he is more involved in a key planning role now while continuing to assist in other areas of manufacturing.”

If you would like to learn how Minitec can be used to improve your workflow, please get in touch.

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