Height Adjustable Tool Delivery System

This custom-built unit was designed for a medical and safety technology business that manufactures products for industries including the clinical field and mining, as well as for the fire and ambulance services.

To provide protection against accidents, each level is equipped with a contact hose, which is connected with an emergency stop. The sides of the shelves are 5mm crystal clear polycarbonate, which has been sealed to prevent crushing.

The in-built control panel is integrated into the solution for easy access on the left side of the frame.


  • Dimensions: 1230 x 900 x 2280 mm
  • Distance between levels: 250mm
  • Maximum load/level: 1000N
  • Four adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors, with an adjustment range of 20mm
  • Four height adjustable levels equipped with 35 ball rollers.
  • The positions of the four levels can be stored via a handset (max. 6 positions).
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