Luft Guard Safety SystemThis custom Lift Gate was designed and built for a customer that provides tools for rotating metal machining.

With safety paramount, much consideration was also given to the need for smooth processing, to minimise manufacturing time, with a custom built pulley system for easy opening and closing of the safety guard.

Lift Gate Specification

  • 1105 mm x width 677 mm x height 1175 mm
  • Built from MiniTec profiles 45x32F, 2GG 45×45, 45×45 3G, 45x90G and 90×90 2G
  • Windows created using a 6mm clear Polycarbonate
  • 2mm powder coated aluminum sheet for case construction
  • Counterweights are placed in the profiles using a chain pulley, which provides easy opening and closing.


Custom Safety Guards

We create a wide range of safety guards for a number of industrial applications. You can see more examples here or if you have a potential requirement, why not get in touch?

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