Alanna-Rose AbellaWe are always intrigued, excited and encouraged when we engage with young engineers and were pleased to help as much as we could when Alanna-Rose Abella, a student at Bournemouth University, approached us regarding her final year project.

Alanna-Rose was looking to design a product for secondary schools to help disinfect protective sports gear and help prevent bacteria and infections from spreading from student-to-student.

Previous research had identified the strain of Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-Staphylococcus Aureus (PVL-SA) generating a new form of disease within the UK, with skin infections occurring – especially for sport enthusiasts.
Bacteria can easily spread through skin-to-skin contact and when people use contaminated sports gear.

Alanna-Rose believed there was a solution to solve this problem by using UV light as an effective alternative to chemical based solutions to deactivate the DNA of organisms, preventing them from reproducing and reducing the risk of bacteria transferring from one user to another.

The working prototype (pictured with Alanna-Rose) was created within six weeks, using processes such as MIG welding, laser cutting, metal fabrication and vacuum forming, with MiniTec used for the frame and body of the unit.

MiniTec Managing Director said,

“MiniTec is such a great product for prototyping due to its flexibility for construction and we are often asked to help industry. But, it’s always great to support up-and-coming engineers and Alanna-Rose has executed her idea extremely well.

Alanna-Rose is now a First Class Graduate in Product Design, so well done from all of us at MiniTec!

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