beea sponsor 2017The 2017 British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) is an event very close to our hearts, with sister company LG Motion winning the Small Business Category in 2015.

And, with an underlying interest and relationship within the aerospace industry, we are pleased to be sponsoring the New Product of the year in the Aerospace category.

We have a great deal of experience at developing innovative solutions to support the aerospace industry as this brief example describes.

Lean innovative solutions to improve efficiency

Workstations For MonarchMaking an operation lean – and it need not be restricted to a manufacturing operation – is all about the elimination of wastage in a process leading to greater efficiencies, shorter delivery times of a product or service, and a reduction in unnecessary costs to the operation.

The Engineering and Maintenance Division of a well-known UK based airline group discovered an enormously time wasteful part of the traditional working practice.

The introduction of well-thought-through, ergonomically designed mobile workstations solved the problem of maintenance engineers not having a workstation close by.

This had previously meant wasting a lot of time walking back and forth to the few computer-equipped workstations located around the perimeter of the large hangar, as they worked on different parts of the aircraft.

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