Has your existing supplier increased their prices considerably? Are you looking for a better and more cost-effective alternative?

Look no further – MiniTec provides the most complete, competitive and cost-effective aluminium modular system on the market today. Our unique profile system has proven itself in many sectors of industry through reliability and versatility.

The tried-and-tested MiniTec modular system has been supplemented with the 30 Series aluminium profiles with matching modular elements and fittings based on a sectional size of 30 x 30mm that will suit smaller machine frames, consoles, panels, fixtures, and safety guards.

The range has many profiles with sectional sizes and combinations of smooth sides and T slot profiles. A 30mm version of our Power-lock one-piece fastening system is part of the component range along with angles and adapter brackets, door hinges and latches, panel sealing strips, slide nuts and many other modular construction pieces.

Wherever lightweight profiles are required, the 30 series is used, especially for the construction of protective enclosures and covers or for bracing. Industries where increased hygiene standards are required, engineers are turning to 30 mm aluminium profiles with closed grooves.

Take a look at our 30 series range

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