minitec flexible roller systemThe latest edition to the MiniTec range of solution-led innovations is the Flexible Roller Carrier System (FRS).

As with the wider MiniTec range, the FRS is easy to assemble and can be readily integrated into existing workplace systems and assembly lines.

The standout benefit of the flexible roller system is that it is a straightforward addition to the assembly of material feeders and Kanban systems thanks to its low assembly height and operating versatility. The system offers a multitude of combinations – all of which can be fitted without tools – allowing it to be used for the widest range of applications.

Available with a variety of roller strips and elements, the flexible roller system offers machine builders and users differing load capacity and roll geometries to select from and can be supplied in different colours, enabling signal effects to be achieved in the application. Depending on the type, the load capacity of the roller elements ranges from 80N to 150N, and the FRS can be used for inclined sections from 2°, dependent upon the material being conveyed.

Due to its design, the flexible roller system offers substantial cost savings and has the potential to upgrade existing workplace and assembly lines without the need for major rebuild or replacements. This flexibility has seen various industries benefit from a wide variety of workflow and assembly line installations, from consumer electronic assembly to automotive mechanical sub-systems.

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