More and more camping enthusiasts are using MiniTec’s aluminium profile construction kit to customise their vehicles. In addition to completely independent designs, there is also a desire for ready-made components. This was taken into account and at a recent trade fair, various assembly kits for self-assembly or ready-assembled were products were launched.

Cabins – living in a box

Due to increased demand, we have living cabins as kits.

The cabins are planned and constructed by our designers according to your specification. The MiniTec profile system offers the highest versatility so that the construction can be adapted exactly to your vehicle. Tell us your spec, and we can help!

The frame construction of the cabin consists of MiniTec aluminium profiles and specially developed corner connectors for 90° and 45° connections. For the design of the outer skin and insulation, there are different possibilities, which depend on the personal priorities of the customer. An outer skin made of aluminium sheet can be supplied by us to match. If your happy with the design, you will receive your living cabin as an assembly kit for self-assembly.

Folding bed for sleeping and sitting

It is clear that space-saving components are extremely important, especially for campers. That’s why MiniTec has developed a folding bed that – when not used for sleeping – can also serve as a bench. In addition, it has a pull-out for Euroboxes, which provide additional storage space.

The folding bed consists of a stable frame made of MiniTec aluminium profiles. During the day it serves as a practical bench, in the evening it can be folded out into a bed in just five seconds. The seat cushion automatically converts into a comfortable mattress. The folding bed fits in all standard VW bus-sized vans and is available either as a basic module or with a Eurobox pull-out (panel set optional). The bed can also be configured to customer specifications in terms of length, height and width – contact us for more information.

The Eurobox pull-out and matching birch-wood panels are both available as options. The pull-out makes optimum use of the storage space under the sitting or lying surface. The Euroboxes can be removed either via the pull-out or from the side of the interior.

Eurobox racks variations

Storage space is often in short supply in camper vans. Euroboxes are an extremely practical solution for this. That is why MiniTec offers Eurobox shelving in many variants, which are supplied either as an assembly kit for self-assembly or fully assembled.

Sliding rails are embedded in the profile grooves to ensure smooth running of the Euroboxes. When pushed in, the Euroboxes lock securely into place. This prevents any slipping or noise during travel. A matching set of panels made of oiled birch-wood multiplex boards with milled handle and chamfered edges is also available, as well as a matching tabletop. The construction made of MiniTec aluminium profiles can be extended individually. Other variants are available on request.

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