iCAD Assembler

Our CAD tool, iCAD Assembler, is the logical addition to the MiniTec profile kit. With this free software, you can easily and conveniently create your own designs with MiniTec profile in 3D on the screen before you start building them.

Simply select and assemble the required parts from an online catalogue. An integrated plausibility check ensures that everything fits together. As a result, you will receive a true-to-scale design drawing including the associated parts list, providing a reliable basis for your installation or your order. The intuitive structure of the graphical user interface ensures that you can get to grips with the tool within a short training period.


  • Time savings for the user
  • CAD functionality without own CAD software
  • Direct interfaces to common CAD systems (e.g. Mechanical Desktop, ProEngineer, Solid Works, Solid-Edge, MegaCAD)
  • More than 50 data output formats in 2D and 3D
  • Automated construction module for linear axes, sliding guides, conveyor belts and workstations

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