Aluminium profile can be ordered from us in any length between one centimetre and 6 metres. In order to be able to supply our customers quickly and efficiently from our worldwide locations, complete cutting facilities were built, consisting of a saw, frames for the infeed and outfeed and a motor-driven length stop .

These systems allow the precise cutting of all aluminium profile from the MiniTec range. For manual feeding, the profile is placed on a roller conveyor. Brush rollers are used as rollers, which are particularly gentle on the material and avoids scratches or other damage to the aluminium.

The desired length is entered on a control panel, and at the push of a button, the length stop then moves to the appropriate position. A linear rail guide with a toothed belt drive serves as the route , which makes the construction particularly robust and reliable. An absolute magnetic tape measuring system picks up the position directly on the carriage and therefore ensures high cutting accuracy . Once the desired position has been reached, a pneumatic clamp ensures that the carriage is firmly locked in place – this also serves to ensure precision.

The control panel allows a variety of other settings, such as the traversing speed or accelerating the length stop. It also provides information about pending error, warning and operational messages and can be used for diagnostic purposes.

This system can also be adapted for MiniTec customers, and not just for aluminium profile, but also with other materials such as wood, plastic or steel. Individual requirements and specifications can also be easily implemented, for example, the width and length of the roller conveyors, or if automatic feeding is desired.

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