Roller Conveyor with DriveThis roller conveyor was designed and built for a leading manufacturer of textile filter media for industrial filtration, product filtration and solid/liquid separation.

Plastic plates – with different dimensions – are cleaned by two mirrored contactless cleaning systems. The contact-free cleaning system produces pulsating compressed air whereby all debris is soaked up by an integrated suction channel.

One cleaning system is located in the upper area between two pressure rollers, the second system is located between the driven rolls.

Specification for the Roller Conveyor:

roller conveyor unit

  • Dimensions: approx. 800 mm wide, approx. 1620 mm long
  • Transportation height: approx. 1100 mm +/-200 mm
  • Base frame on 4 castor wheels
  • Height adjustable via two variable pillars (+/-200mm)
  • Spacing of rolls: 60 mm (25 x accumulation rollers, adjustable)
  • Distance between first and last roll: 1620 mm
  • Engine power: 0,18 kW, Voltage 230/400V, 50 Hz
  • Conveying speed: approx. 3 m/min to approx. 10 m/min, adjustable via frequency inverter FU 370 PP
  • Adjusting Unit VEN 45x90S with angular gearbox (actual lifting capacity 150 mm, driven by two angular gearboxes and a handwheel)
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