Across diverse industries, our profile Series 30 offers outstanding value and almost unlimited design options. The lightweight, high quality profiles are idea for space-limited installations and are competitively priced to suit all budgets.


Highly specialised industries, such as food preparation and medical technology, demand a protective case or enclosure that is lightweight, compact but also extremely robust. Our Series 30 of aluminium profile has been meticulously designed and manufactured to offer a high quality extruded, anodised, aluminium profile range at a competitive price.

Based on the proven modular system, Series 30 profile offers numerous connection options and at 20-30% less expensive per meter* than major online retailers’ offering, it is also excellent value for money.

The high-quality aluminium profiles, matching modular elements and fittings are all based on a sectional size of 30 mm x 30 mm. All profile sizes are therefore always compatible and can be easily combined to meet a specific design configuration.

There is a wide variety of lengths, end caps, connecting elements as well as groove depths and groove widths, ensuring the Series 30 can accommodate the most complex design specifications.

A 30 mm version of the Power-lock®, one-piece fastening system is included in our 30 series range, together with angle and adapter brackets, door hinges, panel sealing strips and many other modular construction pieces.

The versatile system can be used in confined areas, such as vehicle fit-outs; for bracing and smaller machine frames; protective enclosures for industrial processing; tables in medical technology; or showcase/displays cabinets. The Series 30 is also suitable for smaller machine frames, consoles, panels, fixtures, and safety guards.

We happy to offer advice on the selection of 30 mm aluminium profiles in various profile cross sections for specific applications.

*based on per metre costs and excluding delivery (£17.50/20kg or £60/pallet space)


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