Triple feed conveyor system

The bespoke conveyor system was designed and built for a company that processes and manufactures plastic extrusions.

The infeed and outfeed belt on this conveyor system is driven by a chain from the middle band and can be folded 68° downwards pneumatically (approximately 230mm distance between axes).


  • Pneumatically adjustable inclination, belt width: 510mm
  • Deflection drum diameter: 95mm
  • Axle spacing: 1x800mm, 1x1000mm, 1x800mm
  • Pneumatic cylinder DNC-63-485-PPV-A incl. fastening material
  • Pneumatic cylinder is attached adjustable to a strut
  • There are only two pneumatic cylinders
  • 4 fixed castors
  • Middle drive with 3 roller system – diameter: 177mm plus rubber -.> D = 183mm

pneumatic conveyor pneumatic cylinder

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