Precision Acoustics Limited is an innovative and high-quality manufacturer of ultrasound measurement products for the medical, marine and non-destructive testing (NDT) industries and well-renowned within its sector as a major supplier of acoustic and ultrasound equipment.

The company, which recently doubled the size of its production facility in Dorchester due to a growth in output, has also seen the need to increase staff to cope with the extra demand for design, manufacture and the supply of bespoke component parts for their worldwide customer base.

The team that works on the design and manufacture of new parts requires a substantial amount of specialist equipment to be versatile, readily available and easily accessible, and workflow interruptions can cause a great deal of time being spent when searching for the right tools. As Precision Acoustics were investing in a state-of-the-art building, they decided to supply their teams with desks and workstations to help streamline their tasks and help boost productivity even further at the same time.

Workstations as bespoke as those Precision Acoustics were seeking aren’t readily available on the high street and fortunately, we were able to step in, work with the Manufacturing Team and tailor the workstations to their exact specifications, which included easy-to-reach shelves and hanging racks for tools.

The system also allows touchscreen integration to make even the most complicated of assemblies and component manufacture as streamlined and economical as possible. The lightweight, easy to assemble workstations exactly fitted Precision Acoustics’ brief and are now in situ around their new production facility.

Adam Pounder, Production Manager at Precision Acoustics, said,

“We are so pleased that we could use the experienced services of MiniTec to further increase our manufacturing and productivity. Thanks to the MiniTec workstations, our production team now enjoy ergonomic and economic workspaces that can be adapted in line with product output demands.”

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